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Kanha NANO Solventless Rosin Belts Strawberry Lemonade $16

Kanha NANO Solventless Rosin Belts Strawberry Lemonade $16

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The Strawberry Lemonade Live Rosin Gummies Belts are infused with one of our all-time favorites, the Ice Cream Cake Strain.   If that news doesn’t convince you that you need to try the Kanha Gummies Belts, we’re not sure what will.

We can’t wait to experience the marriage between the Ice Cream Cake Strain Live Rosin and the Strawberry Lemonade flavored Kanha Indica Gummies. This April, we’re going to skip dinner and go straight to dessert!

The Icecream Cake strain is a genetic cross of the Wedding Cake Strain and the Gelato 33 strain beloved for the euphoric and sedating state of deep relaxation it soothes consumers into.

The dominant terpenes in the Ice Cream Cake strain Kanha Belts are d-limonene and b-myrcene along with b-caryophyllene, linalool and b-pinene. This blend of terpenes is commonly found in other naturally sedating plants like chamomile and lavender.

If you like the strawberry, pink lemonade or mango gummies by Kanha, or the Passion Fruit Paradise or Galactic Grape Kanha Nano Gummies, we think you’ll love the Strawberry Lemonade Kanha Live Rosin Belts.